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Welcome to Camp Wego Inc.


Camp Wego Inc is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to expanding community awareness and acceptance of individuals with disabilities.

Mission Statement:  To provide travel and camping programs  specialized for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Asperger's syndrome.  To enhance social, friendship, culture, and other vital life skills that promote independence. To  enrich opportunities to make new friends while ensuring a safe, fun and educational environment.  Camp Wego believes that camping and travel enriches the quality of life, promote self-sufficiency, and assist individuals in achieving their highest potential. 

Camp Wego offers camping and all-inclusive travel programs for travelers 6 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We offer a wide array of trip options including ever-popular destinations in the United States and abroad. We are able to provide low staffing ratios, 1 to 4. (1:1 if needed) We have highly credentialed and experienced staff so each individuals needs are met. We add new and innovative travel and activities each year.


Camping trips are open for ages 6 and up. All other trips, you must be 16+ to participate,

Individuals must be ambulatory and be able to take care of personal hygiene needs.

We are based out of Florida, but every traveler around the country can participate. We can help make airport arraignments for you and a staff member will meet you at an airport that is close to start of trip. 

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